Services Overview


Home inspections

If you are buying or selling, a home inspection is your opportunity to see what's beneath the surface. Using ASHI standards of practice we help you:

  • Prepare yourself for ownership and negotiation.

  • Arm yourself with knowledge and take the preemptive steps towards a smooth sale.

  • Learn what you can do to upgrade and maintain so all you have to worry about is creating memories.

DRAW inspections

When you’re building your dream home, periodic inspections help keep the process and funds flowing. We partner with banks to ensure progress is made, so your new home stays on track.

One-Year Warranty inspections 

Within the first year after completion, improvements and repairs can be made by the builder of your home. We will inspect your home from top-to-bottom, so you have a full view of what can be addressed before the end of your warranty.


Radon testing

Radon is a gaseous product of radium and is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers. It is 7.5 times more deadly than house fires. Gain peace of mind or set a simple action plan by testing for concentrations above the EPA standard of 4pCi/L.*

*Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon, EPA (March 2018)



Throughout the year, we partner with real estate agents and housing industry professionals to provide in-depth information for curious minds. If you are a first time home buyer or looking for that next investment property, we can guide you in making the most informed decisions. If you are interested in a home maintenance workshop, submit an inquiry form and we’ll send you details for our next class.