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Jack Frost came calling last week and reports suggest he'll be causing some trouble this winter. With the potential for a lot of snow accumulation, there are more chances for snow related water damage to your home. Ice damming can cause major issues for the roof surface, framing, insulation and interior drywall. Increasing insulation and ventilation, keeping gutters clean, and sealing of any gaps in wall or ceilings can all work towards prevention of ice dams. Be aware of how mother nature can affect your home. Being proactive rather than reactive can save you a ton in the long run. Learn about the home you own or the home you have with an inspection from us!

What's an ice dam? Click the link below!

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Dave Hepler is a custom home builder local to Winchester, VA. His homes are immaculate and he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building the home of your dreams. His blog covers everything from the life span of your home, to getting approved for a construction loan, to how to choose a floor plan. Head on over to Dave's blog below!